Managing Director's Message

Dear partners and friends,

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of our new website, in which we have incorporated some of the major products manufactured in the Iron and Steel Works of Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria, that have been the base of our world trading activities for many years.

Our experience in promoting and trading with steel products dates back to the years of "Perestrojka," when the system of State Foreign Trade monopoly in Eastern Europe was broken and private businesses emerged.

We witnessed the outburst of chaotic business with steel in the end of the 80's and beginning of the 90's during the painful transition to the present professional and organized business in Eastern Europe.

My personal experience in business started in one of the biggest Bulgarian Foreign Trade Companies dealing with Exports of Machine Tools and Machine Building Equipment.

The integrated economies of Eastern Europe at that time enabled me to establish warm and long-lasting relationship with our Ukrainian and Russian counterparts, suppliers and manufacturers.

The experience gained in the Bulgarian Foreign Trade Company as well as my engineering background also helped me develop strong ties with numerous trading and manufacturing entities worldwide.

My position as Managing Director of major trading companies in Singapore since 1988 has allowed me to establish a strong customer base in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, while executing deliveries of thousands of tons of steel products.

Texima's growth and corporate philosophy is based on lasting relationship with our suppliers and customers.

We continue to pay exceptional attention to the main principles guiding the business and fostering our growth throughout the years:

- Exercising professional technical expertise in the evaluation of products manufactured by our suppliers as well as inquiries received from our customers.

- Paying rigorous attention to the Quality of the Goods while working in close cooperation with independent surveyors who are now capable of tracking the process of manufacture and handling of the goods all the way to the loading on board the vessel.

- Chartering and carrying of the goods with reliable Ship Operators and Owners.

- Emphasizing on time delivery of the goods in close co-operation with our customers.

- Promoting new technologically advanced products and materials initiated by our suppliers and customers

We always remain open to new ideas. Our devotion to a fair, professional and trustworthy business relationship continues to be our first priority.

Yours Sincerely,

Georgi Georgiev

Managing Director